Prima is a mobile Pro Face & Body Artist that is also a Master Face and Body Art Instructor that teaches around the world who’s enthusiastic, vibrant and creative! Her desire to paint on skin started in 2000 and had gained top awards in the industry.

She also has put her heart into designing an Artist Brush according to her liking that is being sold all over the world.

Working around children lifts my soul and showers my world with sparkles and rainbows. It fuels my creativity and makes my art dreaming into reality. These Art are for ALL AGES and it is an ongoing beautiful challenge to my creative mind to paint new designs nearly every time, every face. I use FDA compliant, water-activated face painting make-up that is safe to use on skin. WE ONLY USE HIGH QUALITY PRO FACE & BODY PAINTS.

Prima’s face painting services will surely give your event an additional lift and gather positive feedback. Bring colourful happy memories that everyone can treasure forever at your parties!

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